Hermit Hill Happenings

Here you'll find all the latest happenings related to HHFI.

2015/09/23: It's been quiet on the website for a while now, but things have certainly been afoot out in the workshop during this time. I have been busily continuing to develop the mid and low key whistles and I am pleased to announce that most keys are now ready for production in most of the whistle lines. Numerous improvements have also been made in regards to the overall volume and strength of the lower octave, particularly the bell note, which had been reviewed by several customers as areas that had room for improvement. I have also updated sections of the website that I had been putting off for a bit longer than intended, it never ceases to amaze me how the time can slip by so fast.

01/01/2015: It's a new year with New Year's Resolutions afoot! Prices have been re-adjusted, long overdue updates to the website are under way, and an upcoming full product line whistle tour is in the works that will be made available through the Chiffe and Fipple forums. Hopefully to be included in that tour will be the first model low whistles of the line as well.

08/06/2014: It's been a little while since I've sat down and updated the website now between R&D and keeping up with orders. A lot has happened since March: There's a newer thicker wall model for high whistles which provides tremendous durability compared to the earlier thin wall whistles, a new ramp design which has been proving to cut down the air requirements and even out the volume level between octaves, more streamlined hardwood presentation cases have designed and are now available, and a newer style metal whistle is approaching completion which will be available in both brass and stainless steel versions. All whistles are also coming marked with the "Hermit Hill Folk Instruments" brand name etched onto the metal for identification.

01/18/2014: I've gone through and updated the costs of whistles and included the new keys and economy models into the order page. Also a D+ model whistle will be on its way which has an additional pinky finger hole for a C note below the standard D.

01/09/2014: Stainless steel ferrules for high whistles are now available as are new keys: Eb and E for concert models and a more mellow C for indoor/solo or apartment playing. The low D's are still getting the warts worked out of them as time has been permitting between orders, I'll keep everyone apprised of the progress.

12/19/2013: A little pre-Christmas update was in order, so here it is! I'm now proud to offer a reasonably decent quality economy model whistle for those looking for something a bit cheaper than the full out Delrin or Hardwood whistles. These may not be the prettiest whistles by comparison, but they definitely sound pretty darn good for the price.

11/23/2013: Low D models are -almost- ready for production, there were a few minor setbacks with availability of materials and construction. Also there are some new product options and services becoming available such as stainless steel ferrules, nickel plating, and additional engraving services not limited to just musical instruments.

9/11/2013: Just wanted to post a quick update on the latest happenings. New model Low D whistles in Delrin are quickly nearing completion and should be available in the next few weeks. It took a little while to work out the tooling and materials, but they are definitely coming along nicely. These will be non-tunable models made as two pieces to start, with tunable models to be made later. Wood models will follow after.

5/18/2013: It took a little while but our new concert whistles are finally finished. These feature a Boehm style conical bore head piece which serves to correct the problem of the flat upper octave in standard cylindrical bore instruments. These also have a good bit more volume to them compared to earlier models without being overly shrill. Check out the sounds page for some clips being played.

3/21/2013: It's been quiet on the website for a while now, but I finally have some updates to post here. I've been working since early January now to develop more of a concert whistle that would have more volume overall and more even volume between octaves based on feedback that was kindly offered from a customer. The prototype model I made shows very good promise and I'll be working to make a live model this week to put up on eBay with luck.

1/15/2013: My first tunable model whistle is out! It's been a bit of work getting these ready, but they're now finally available.

12/27/2012: Engraving galore! I wound up biting the bullet and investing in the tools to start doing engraving work. I'm a little rusty with it right now, but I'm improving with practice.

12/5/2012: The first online sale!

11/28/2012: My eBay account for HHFI is created and the first whistles for sale online are added.

9/18/2012: A rough website is finished, and hhfi.biz is LIVE! There's plenty more to do, but it's a start.

7/26/2012: hhfi.biz domain is registered, site construction can begin!